Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!

I’m glad to meet you in January 2017.
Full of unknowns is in 2017.
Sometimes Unknowns are good thing.
I think no one wants the opposite result in new year.
We need to stick to our principles, This is the most important.
Principles can give us hope.
Principles can give us a solution to the problem.
Once we have a solution to the problem.
Well, a good thing will be better, Bad will turn out to be good too.
I pressed the letters on the keyboard.I knew: I would be a witness.
I found stories and news and more. My reports testify for them.
I tell you these stories because they are passwords,They can change tomorrow’s life.
Let us have Everything better than it is now.

I am an optimist.
I promise that I will abide by the noble standards of the news ethical.

Thank you.
Once again wish you are happy New Year.


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